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Keys To Your Website Success

The Keys to Your Website Success are in the details:

Keys To Your Website SuccessSuccessful Website & SEO Optimization is much more than just fixing pages, adding the keywords or writing strong website content.  While keywords and good strong content are certainly two main ingredients, the actual keys to your website success are in the details.  Knowing what keywords to add or change, how to tweak them and correctly include throughout your content are equally important.  To elevate your search engine rankings and maintain them once you get there is where the rubber meets the road.  These keywords will need to be constantly updated as your business, website and social relevance evolves.

It is here, once you upload your initial content and keywords, that true optimization begins.  These are the Keys to Your Website Success!  Tracking your results and fine tuning your site to achieve Search Engine Optimization takes real work, time and expertise.  While it is possible to pay and get results in 30 days, “True”, long-lasting organic rankings may take from 9 – 12 months.  The first step is to identify your real needs and the solution(s) to getting you there.  This is where RJ Vilardi & Associates comes in.

 The Hurdles:

On the outside, people need to find your website and a better reason to return.  At first glance, your content must be interesting and relevant to make it even worthwhile for a first visit let alone a second.  Behind the scenes, you need to have the SEO tweaks and optimized coding to help your potential customers find you. If they can’t find you, it doesn’t really matter how great your site looks or how great your deals are.  People can’t buy what they can’t see or don’t know about.

The Secret:

The goal of any website should be to get and stay top of mind.  Simple right?  According to the National Business Association, a company in the United States opens and/or closes every seven minutes.  Yes, every seven minutes, really!  Your success depends on sales and profitability.  Within reason, anything you can do to get there should be done.  With so much competition you need to communicate in less than 5 seconds why a customer should do business with you.  How to capture them and turn that into sales is the secret and one of the big Keys to Your Website Success

The 4 Keys:

1) Get a Plan and Own Your Game!  Pick the right team players to do the things you can’t.  If you are not a great Coach, find one.

2) If you are missing key players, find them.   With all that is involved in running your business, do you really have time to make and optimize your company website, write expert articles and submit them to Google, Bing, Yahoo and hundreds of other search engines and directories?

3) Find a Webmaster who is knowledgeable, trustworthy and who is willing to be part of your team.  The last thing you need is an uninvolved Webmaster.

4) Become the expert in your field and let everyone know about it!  Write and submit expert articles about you, your company, its service and team.  Need assistance… we can help

Need Help?  Contact RJ Vilardi & Associates for a free consultation regarding the Keys to Your Website Success.

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